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We are creators of interactive, immersive and playful experiences.


Our goal: to find the hero/heroine in everyone.

Placing the visitor at the heart of the experience by using sound, light, narrative and our innovations in interactivity allow for total immersion.

Our experiences take the form of shows, games, environments or exhibitions. Over the past few years, the company has brought to life several projects in various contexts and spaces: indoors, outdoors, on stage, on water, on snow and in architecturally remarkable places.

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Our products

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Experience complete immersion.


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Our Adventures

Discover a few of the latest projects our creators have put together to liven up spaces.
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The History
of which
you are the hero...

Through its passion and technological know-how, 4elements involves the public by providing them with unforgettable thrills. Each interactive game installation plunges the participant directly into the story, allowing him or her to change the course of events.

Plunged into the heart of a real video game in an immersive environment created on the physical premises, players are surrounded by projections, special effects and scenery. In order to accomplish their character's quest, they must interact with actors, gigantic projections and interactive accessories.

Our interactive games create an imaginary world, firmly rooted in reality, which places the player at the heart of the experience.

Timber! Forgotten Legends

This interactive multimedia game was designed to create a new collective experience in the fantasy universe. Timber! Forgotten Legends came to life thanks to our expertise and our latest fun and interactive game innovations. We developed a game platform that enabled 400 players to simultaneously interact in real time. Life-sized projections immersed people into a multimedia adventure like no other. Using the multiplayer mobile app, players were able to influence how the story unfolded in real time, follow the evolution of their character and quest, and interact together.

Our life-sized interactive, immersive game had the power to break barriers between theatre and video games!

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Our Heroes

This is the management team. Together with the rest of the team, they combine their talents to turn dreams into reality and make the magic happen. Made up of seasoned and passionate experts from the film, entertainment and technology industries, our team has two ultimate superpowers: the power to imagine and the power to create multimedia moments and adventures that bring out the hero or heroine in you!

Valerie St-Jean

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Claude Tousigant

Production Manager

Alexandre Desjardins

Director And Interactive Designer

Simon Coulombe

Director of technology


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