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Bringing a painting to life

This is the challenge that 4elements took on when it created Abstrak, the interactive adaptation of the work "Univers chiffonnés" by Montreal artist André Boucher. The goal was to allow audiences to continuously transform the work, through interactions, and thus add a fourth dimension to a previously static art form.

This initiative gave the general public the opportunity to enter into a relationship with the work, to make it their own, in order to better understand the artist's creative process. Presented in Montreal and Brussels in the form of a travelling exhibition that could be adapted to various spaces, the Abstrak project included three interactive zones allowing the public to personalize the colours, texture or relief and thus co-create a new work. Each zone allowed a participant to control the visual parameters of the work projected in front of him/her with the movement of his/her hands.

A playful, well-crafted project that caught the attention of the jury. It allows the general public to discover and appreciate a discipline (contemporary art) that is often nested and misunderstood. The project is supported by 4elements, a sure value in digital. A good example of networking between the art world and the digital industry. - Cultural Lab