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Living in Gaspésie

In order to pursue its recruitment efforts for the region, Vivre en Gaspésie wanted to create an engaging experience based on immersion and contextual objects to convince the workforce that it is good to live and work in Gaspésie. 4elements therefore created an immersive experience that could be transported from one event to the next. 

An immersive and interactive game, inspired in part by possible jobs in the Gaspé, accompanied by hands-on experiences make it possible to get players active and involved. Our goal was to bring the public together in a real place to experience an engaging, stimulating and dynamic adventure where the people in the audience become the heroes of the Gaspé. All participants are part of an emotionally charged story and they influence the course of the story. The mobile kiosk is easily transportable to be presented at fairs and events in which Vivre en Gaspésie will participate for a few years. 

[RUSSIAN MOUNTAINS OF EMOTION] We brought the PERSPECTIVES experience to Petite-Vallée festival-goers. Take our word for it, the black box challenge leaves no one indifferent! Listen to the end of this beautiful immersive technological project.